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Lara Croft in Overwatch - Highpoly

Hi All! I wanted to create my favorite character of all time (Lara Croft) as if she were made as an Overwatch Hero. The goal was to add little pieces from some of my favorite Tomb Raider games (Anniversary, Legend, Underworld and Reboot).

The main struggle was maintaining Lara's character while keeping to the visual style of Overwatch. Here are some of the key elements I determined needed to stay to maintain her character:
1) Silhouette - I needed to keep her silhouette as close to Lara's silhouette as possible. The dual pistols, thinker boots and ponytail was required for the older games. The loosened ponytail, thinner figure and bow were required for the newer Tomb raider reboots.
2) Her iconic tank and shorts - I decided the silhouette and color blocking was more important as a whole than the details within them, so I applied some artistic license to play with some Overwatch patterns here.

Here are some little nerdy Tomb Raider Fan elements:
1) Thor's Gauntlets from Tomb Raider Underworld (on the gun Holsters)
2) Amanda's amulet (Lara's neck)
3) Lara's OG hairstyle was the long braid, so I wanted to incorporate that somehow into the reboot hair (more messy ponytail)
4) Lara's famous Dual Pistols
5) Lara's famous (new in reboot) bow

Overwatch References:
I based most of her design on Widowmaker and Ashe where
Widowmaker was referenced for:
1) Patterns on shirt and short pockets
2) Body and Face proportions. Because Widowmaker is a Villain as opposed to a Hero, I softened some of her sharper features such as her jaw and triangular shoulders to create a more curvy look.

Ashe's was referenced for
1) Face and body proportions as a backup for height and proportion limitations/ boundaries
2) Her boots. I blended her boots with Lara's Legend/ Underworld boots because I found that she started losing her Tomb Raider Character without them.

I will be working on the Game Ready model and Texturing going forward, thanks for the read!